Saturday, December 26, 2009


So yesterday was Christmas. I cant believe we have to wait 1 whole year for Christmas to come again! I wont give you a minuet by minute detailed description of every thing we got, But here are my favorit.

1. The whole Love Comes Softly series!!!!! I LOVE Love Comes Softly!!!
2. 4 more book's from my Mother!! Super awesome!
3. A book about purse making and 5$ ( to buy purse supplies ).
4. The BBC Planet Earth and Blue Planet combo pack!!
5. A purse with money and a gift card to Dutch Brothers!!!
6. PURPLE CONVERSE!!!!!! (I love purple)
7. A beautiful charm bracelet, the charms represent the Christmas story. It is very pretty.
8. Last but not least a Wii!!!!

All this and more came from 3 loving pairs of grandparent's. And my wonderful Mom and Dad.

I gave my Dad a scarf I made. To Abi, Lily, and Hope I gave coloring stuff. Faith got a Horse book. And Mom got a Nancy Drew game from all of us girls. Each Christmas time my grandmother makes each of us girls draw one another name's, and we shop specifically for that person. I drew Abi's name. I got her a Rubix Cube, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Jhonny Depp.
What did you give and receive for Christmas?

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carlotta said...

I got Uggs, gift cards (PBTeen and iTunes), chocolate, perfume, and a puppy!! I think they are a couple other things but I can't remember right now.
I gave Lilly (3) some princess puzzles (it's amazing how fast she can do them!), MeMe (6) some craft things, Jeremiah (9) a Webkinz, my mom a turquoise and silver necklace, and the whole family gave my dad a backpack (he bicycles to church [just because he likes it] and his old on fell apart from always carrying his laptop, etc in it).
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!