Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all,

Tomorrow is Christmas, our tradition is all the kid's wake up at about 5:30, give or take half an hour. Then at 7:00 we are aloud to get up and out of bed, and then jump on mommy and daddy till they get up. Next we rush into the living room, and shriek with delight, at all the pretty light's and presents. When the shock is threw we open our stocking's, and wait for my grandparent's to come over. Then we open all of our presents and the grandparent's to. When we are done we go over to our other grandparent's house, and spend the rest of the day with them. I would like to know what your Christmas tradition is. So please tell me! Here is a link to my last Christmas eve post.


P.S. My grandparent's came down from LA yesterday. And know we are going to spend the whole day baking pie's.


carlotta said...

Well, my dad is a pastor...we have 2 services on Christmas Eve at our church - 4:30pm and 11pm. My dad has to help with both, but the whole family goes at 11.
Then Christmas morning we have a service at 10:30 we have to go we don't get to open presents until after that, around 11:45 or so.

Merry Christmas!

Moriah said...

We have a Christmas eve service. Our church sing's hymn's and eat lot's of pie. It is a lot of fun.