Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello all my freinds! I'm in LA! We are here because my Dad is going to a pastors conference, and we are visiting our grandparents. Here are some crazy and cool things we have seen.

1. A Chineese man who was real giant!
2. A Nun at a bus stop.
3. A dead man on the street.
4. A Buddhist monk.
5. Hope locked in the bathroom!
6. The Good Year Tire blimp.
7. The Hollywood sign.
8. A forest of lamps.
9. A cop car pushing a van on the freeway,
10. A man walking around the streets wearing a Tigger suit.

All this happened in 2 days! Yesterday we went to the La Brea tar pits. I accidentally called them the "lard pits." Hey today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! We went shopping and saw the movie Hotel for Dogs, it was really cute. When a sad part happened Hope started to cry, it was so funny and she wouldn't stop. Now we are at home, my mom is making dinner and the sisters are taking a rest. And I am blogging. And that is all. See ya!


Ashley said...

I just called you! Then I logged on and saw you had blogged just two minutes ago. lol :)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you girlie!

Love, Me

Ginger Elizabeth Schooling said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORIAH!!!!! I had no idea it was your b-day. I love you girl!

Christina said...

Oh goodness! I'm sorry I didn't call you on your birthday, it's been crazy. I love you sweetie, I can't believe your getting so old!