Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today I got up and read a little of this book called Safely Home. It is all about this man that is a Chineese Christian! So far my favorite part is when these officers come to there underground church. And the officers order the people to walk out the door and say they are not Christians, or walk to the left wall and stay Christians and get killed! But when some people left and some people went to the wall, the officers shut the door and locked it, right when the officers raised their guns, to fire, they set them down again and started crying, becuse they were also Christians! And they got rid of all the pepole that really would not die for Christ and might not keep thear secret. It is a very touching story. And I'm not even half way through the book! Now I'm going to go read more! Here's a cute picture of my dog, Augie.


Anonymous said...

hey there girl,
you're not so little anymore!
my, you're a young lady!
it's so fun to find friends you haven't seen for a while on blogger!
well, i should probably tell ya who i am, hu?
it's me, emma fedorko!

you were so young when i last saw you!
well, i love ya all the same!
miss you dear girl!
keep up the great posts on your blog!
i love 'em!

in christ, emma

Laurie M. said...

That is a very cute picture of Augie. He's really one of a kind. I'm so glad you got him.

I really like that story, too. When I hear stories like that, I try to imagine myself as one of the people there at that time, and imagine what I would do. Then pray if it really happened to me, that God would give me grace to do the right thing.

Bethany said...

Hey your dog is cute!

You've been tagged!


Ashley said...

Hey! I tagged you for a book meme. Go to my blog for more info. :-)

And if you do it, Abby can't say you haven't posted for two weeks. ;)

Moriah said...

Augie is so cute!