Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you look to your right you will see my new Monkey. Isn't he cute? His name is Snuggles! I hope you like him. Right now we are listening to Elsie Dinsmore. They are trying to catch an almost murderer. Faith, Abi, and I are crocheting. Faith and Abi are making chains for the Christmas tree. I am making a scarf. It is blue. And it is just a practice scarf. MORIAH


Ashley said...

Cute! Where is Faith's blog? Chains for the Christmas tree, that is a good idea I have some red furry yarn that would make a good chian. Hmmm.

rainydaytoys said...

Saw the monkey and now the panda, I made him eat some bamboo. I made a penguin for my blog but could not figure out how to move him to the blog -maybe another day!

Bethany said...

Good luck. I'm just learning how to crotchet.