Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi guys!♥
Well today started at 6:00am. Very very VERY early for us. We got
dressed and gathered everything we would need for the day, and drove over
to our great-grandmothers house. The girl hung out there all day, but my Aunt came
and picked me up at 11:15 and I babysat her little darlings Ava and Baxter.
And all after noon I have been working on the history report, and I have finally
gotten it all written out. And tomorrow we are going to Ashley's house, and
she is going to help me put the report on Power Point.
Then tonight I had play practice, so I just got home from that.

For now I am going to watch Biggest Loser, and relax. Good night every one.


rainydaytoys said...

You sound very busy. Your Mom and sister have been a big help to me this week. Wish you could have come too but I know your very busy.

Faith Marie said...

Hi mo♥ i miss you soooo much!im really board here without you :'(

Love Unawakened said...

I enjoyed reading your post!

Lola X said...

Great blog!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

Lola x