Monday, June 7, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook!!

Date... June 7th 2010
Starting time... 6:43 pm

I'm feeling... Happy!

Outside my window... Bushy Bushes.

I'm thinking... About the new Alice in Wonderland
that we just bought on blue-ray!

One of my fave things... Spending time with my Dad!

I'm reading...Nothing!!   (Ishys, can I barrow a book?)

I'm listening to... My Mom and Dad playing with our new washer,
and dryer.

I'm wearing...Tan shorts, a pink white and blue tank top
and a tan shawl.

The song stuck inside my head is... The song in the end of Alice....

Yesterday, I...Went to church.

I'm excited for...For my bike to be fixed.

This week, my goal is...Learning how to work our new appliances.

Did I meet last week's goal?...No :(
Ending time...6:50


Andi said...

You are so utterly adorable!!!

Emmy said...

Hi, Mo!
The song is called "Alice." :-) It is kind of fitting, isn't it?
You need to read Ranger's Apprentice! Ask Sashy for them! They're awesome.
Love, Me

Moriah said...

Emmy- I sooo want to! Ishy's taking waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to long to read them! She has been on the fist for 3 months!!!