Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hard time...

I am rely having a hard time finding the right background.
I would rely like your guy's help, and opinions.
Do you have any ideas?



Jacqueline said...

Hmm, my friend has got me hooked on (if you haven't already checked them out). They have some cute designs!

Victoria said...

Here's a great website.... love it! But, be careful cause there's SO MANY templates! You might not want to do the first one you see! lol Oh And I think they're all the kind that you download, but it's real easy, and they have derections...Hope this helps!!! :))))


Briony Katie said...

Well Moriah....if I had a choice of a background that would match you header and fonts it would have to be a slightly blue one from my favourite website!
I'll email you with the code and image if you like?