Monday, May 17, 2010


Seance no one posted any question's.... I will tell you about our new baby goat's!!! last night Daisy our goat had twin baby kid's. And just our luck they are both girls!!! So last night at around 1:00-1:30 Dad woke up to a lot of noise coming from our back yard. So he went out, and Daisy was in labor, a few minutes later, Mom went out and sat with Dad, they just watched, and tried to keep her quite ( she insisted upon baaing very loudly, no idea why) :} Well they sat out there, watched, and took pictures. ( they aren't loaded onto the computer yet) And after 3 hours they came in, and went to bed. We are naming them Flora and Fauna. Flora is completely white, and Fauna is black and has a few little tan spots. They both have floppy ear's, and they LOVE to wag their tail's.

Also I have won a book contest for the Sword of Six!!! Thank You Rachel for helping me!!! :D

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rainydaytoys said...

Glad to hear about the kids. Look forward to seeing pictures. Hope MoM and Dad are not too worn out. Nice of Daisy to accommodate your Dad since he has off on Mondays, he can take a nap.