Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today is our choirs first performance! we go to retirement home's and sing for the elderly. We have a very small group this year, so it's been a little hard. But we can do it!

Yesterday Monica came over, and we went for a nice long walk! Next we had lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. After word's we played a few rounds of bible scattergories, then jumped on the trampoline. Lots of fun!

Later that evening we had prayer meeting. Its always good to fellowship! Then even later, Mom and Dad watched a movie called Leap Year, and the children, and I, ;) Will get to watch it at Grandmas today.

What has the past present and future been for you?


rainydaytoys said...

Would love to hear your choir and I'm sure the people at the retirement home will love it too.

Pansy said...

WE DID IT!!!!! *grins at Moriah* Even with Ashley sick. *sniffs* Get well soon, Sashy -- we miss you! Oh, and the more voices we have, the better. ;)

Sounds like you had fun with Moni. Say hello to her for me, please!

Ashley said...

i am SO sad i couldn't be there!! :(
i bet you guys did fab without me though. :D
pray that my sore throat will GO AWAY so i can be there next week.


Love Unawakened said...

Adorable blog!