Friday, April 23, 2010


I got awarded by Briony! Thanck's Bri!! The rules are, that I have to tell 5 random thing's about myself, then award 5 people. Here it go's!

1. Today is my great Grandmothers Birthday!
2. When I have a bad hair day, my hair cups over my ear's. It looks weird!
3. I'm teaching myself the piano.
4. I rely want to learn French.

The people I am awarding are

1. Ashley
2. Vickychick
3. Carlotta
4. Bethany
5. Rachel


carlotta said...

thanks for the award, moriah! i'll get a post up on my blog soon.

Vickychick said...

Thanks SO much! I love oranges too! :)

Briony Katie said...

Hi Moriah!

Um you've kinda spelt my name wrong there. Sorry!

Moriah said...

I'm sooooo sorry Briony!! It was an accident. I was in a hurry. and didn't check it over! I will fix it now!

Lady Jess said...

Here's another award for you!