Monday, March 1, 2010


We have arrived!! After 10 hours of no sleep, and cramped up ness, we made it!!! We left the house at 3:00. But didn't get out of town till 3:30, because mom had to stop at Jo Anne's, and it took her a LONG time. But finally we got on the road. We only stoped twice to get gas. And that id amazing for a family of 7. We got here around 11:30 ish. Chatted a little bit with Grammie and Grummpy, and then went strait to bed, and slept like a rock. Only Abi Faith and I are up at the moment, and they are still very sleepy. I on the other hand am awake and ready to run a marathon! :) How has your weekend been?


carlotta said...

Glad you arrived safely!
My weekend was a bit and hanging out...and babysitting early Saturday morning.

Pansy said...

Have fun, Mo! I'll miss seeing you this Thursday. It's looking like I will probably be able to come to your party -- I'll call to confirm that when you get back.
Hugs and tickles,

Monica June said...

Cool. Mine's been a little jumpy. Today we are going to the park for p.e. with some friends. Hopefully the weather will clear up.