Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going to the library.

Today we went to the library with Ashley and her family. I got 2 book's. Shocking! Is-int it. Moriah the great book reader only got two, only TWO book's at the library. Well here is the explanation. You all know that we went to LA last week. I went to LA with 3 book's, and came back with 10. I am very excited, So now I have 12 book's that I have to read this month!! I am a happy girl. :D
I love reading. If anyone agrees say Aye!

p.s. Isn't this bunny super cute? I stole it from someone I know.

(=' :')


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rainydaytoys said...

After you've read that book I gave you, I want to hear your thoughts about it.

Anonymous said...

Moriah, you are so cute! I love you!

Pansy said...

Aye-aye, matey! ;) (Florida must be rubbing off on me!)

Miss you, Mo!

xoxoxo ~ Pansy