Thursday, March 4, 2010


To day is my birthday!!!! I am now 13 years old!!! Today we are going to go shopping, at the Berlignton coat factory! ( sorry if I spelled that wrong) And maybe the mall.

Yesterday while my Grammie had a doctor's appointment, Mom took us girl's to the beach. It was gorgeous!! We were there for 2 hour's, and I spent the whole time in the water. And we put no sunblock on, but we didn't get sunburned.

Now I go to turn the tv on for Lily.


carlotta said...

Happy Birthday, Moriah! I was about to comment on your last post (wishing you happy birthday) but then I saw that you got up early and already wrote a birthday post! :)

13 is a pretty awesome're officially a teenager now! These are crazy, messed up, but fun years.

Have a great birthday!


Rachel Danielle said...

Hm... I tried to post this a moment ago, but it did not seem to work... Happy birthday, dear Moriah! I'll send up a special prayer for it to be especially blissful. :D

Pansy said...

Happy Birthday, Mo!!! Love you heaps. I can hardly believe you are 13!!! Wow! ;) Sorry I won't be able to see you at choir for a couple of weeks.

Vickychick said...

HAPPY Birthday!!!! You're a teenager! Congrats! I've learned alot since I've turned 13, even though I only turned 13 recently! Hope you're having a fun birthday!!! :D

Briony Katie said...

Happy Birthday! How special!

Watch ur email i might send you a presents!

Ashley said...

happy birthday Mo!!!!

i love you tons!!!


Laurie M. said...

Happy Birthday! You're not a little girl anymore. How's it feel?

miss m said...

Happy birthday, Moriah.

I just so happens that I found you from one of the blogs that I follow and my name is Moriah too. I'm also a pastor's daughter.

Moriah said...

Thank you all!!