Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our dryer is broken, so Faith is washing a whole bunch of clothes and Mom will take them to the laundry mat latter. And sense yesterday was such a beautiful day, we hung some clothes, on our clothes line.

Also yesterday we had PE. It is sooooo much fun! We start of by following our teacher around the basket ball court. And playing follow the leader. After that we do stretches. Next all the kids line up against the wall and they divide us into 2 teams. 10 kids in each team. After the teachers divide us we play a number of games. The first game we played yesterday was volleyball. Only with a HUGE blow up ball. My team lost. :( After volleyball we played 2 rounds of dodge ball. Each team won once. Then finnaly we played kick/dodge ball. And my team won!! :D Then when we waited for the parents to come pick us up some people played knockout with the basket ball, four squares, or jump rope. I did jump rope. And I am very excited, because I can double dutch!!

Right now I have a little 4 year old asking me if I can be her buddy, becuse we are going to our great grandmas together. And now she is jumping on the couch. :)

Well I hope you liked this post. And if you did please comment. Here is a picture to tied you over till I post again.

This picture is of Ashley's little brother Sam.


angela said...

cute picture of sam!

carlotta said...

That's too bad about your dryer...our washer broke in the summer too (We've of course gotten a new one since then! :))...

Laurie M. said...

I agree with Angela, cute picture of Sam!

Glad you can double-dutch. It was my very favorite thing when I was a kid.