Friday, January 1, 2010

What will the new year bring?

Last night Faith, Abi, Dad, and I went to the grocery store. And got a lot of goodies. We came home and ate dinner, and watched 2 BBC Robin Hood's. Then we played Monopoly until midnight. Abi won the game. We woe up this morning with 2 dog's wondering around in our backyard. So Dad and Mom went out and shooed them away. And now after breakfast Mom and Dad are out back, learning how to butcher chickens. This is there first time, so it should be intriguing.

I just got up and saw how the killing was going. What I saw was one chicken hanging from our clothes line, and another Dad was holding one upside down. Both had blood draining from there body. Sooooo gross! What was your new years like?

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rainydaytoys said...

What an interesting New Year's Day. So you will have lots of chicken soup, dumplings, fried, etc?