Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie revew.

So we just finished Water Horse. It is very good! My sisters loved it. Especially Hope. When the monster was racing to get to the sea, she started yelling, GO CRUSOE, GO!! It was super cute! Now we are watching Follow That Bird. The first Sesame Street movie. We usually don't watch Sesame Street. But when Dad and I went to the movie store, I piked it up, and thought that the little one's would like it. They LOVE it! And also for this movie, Hope yells GO BIG BIRD GO. When Mrs. Finch try's to catch him. She rely loves suspense. I think that people of all ages would love both movies. Even tho Sesame Street is a bit goofy, I think it is cute.

Here is a scary picture. One of my worst nightmares!


carlotta said...

Ahh!! I think I would die right there on the spot if I was the one taking the picture...FAHreaky!

B.Katie said...

WOW! That is just amazing!!
How in the world did they take that photo without running(swimming) away! I know the didn't i bet they used photo shop to do that!