Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Doll House.

Yesterday we got this huge doll house. It is so cool! It is part of our Christmas present. We got it of Graigs List. It has a Front parlor, Dining room, Kitchen, Hallway, 2 bedroom's, And a BIG attic. My mom is rely excited, And so are we. Mom is working on the lighting, so we can put in light's that actually turn on. Later we are going to put a better flour on, and some wall paper. After that we will put in the furniture and let Lily, and Hope play with it. Mom want's to make it an old fahiond farm house.
On Saterday we are going to a lady's house, so she can give us some tip's on how to not break stuff. On Sunday after church, We are going to go with some freind's and chop down a Christmas tree. I't will be lot's of fun. :B

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