Thursday, November 26, 2009



We went to my grandmother's house, at 9:00 this morning. We started dinner, and watched the Packers game. ( foot ball) The packers won!!!!!!!!! My dad is happy about that. Then we watched UP. Super good movie. But super sad. I cried threw almost the whole thing. Then we watched the Cowboy's game. ( again foot ball.) My grandpa was happy because the Cowboys won! Then we ate dinner at about 5:00. Then we let our tummy's settle, and watched UP again. I didn't cry as hard the second time. Then half way threw UP we ate pie. There was Pumpkin cheese cake, Lemon meringue, and my favorite, Sweet potato pie!!!! Then we finished UP. Cleaned up and went home.
At home we watched a movie then everybody is reading in bed, and I am finishing up on the computer. So I would like to wish you and your family's a happy Thanksgiving.

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Maggie said...

Happy (late) Thanksgiving to you too! Sounds like a very fun day.

Many blessings,
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