Friday, November 6, 2009


Our grandparents have been down since last Friday. We have done quit a few things. The first night they were here we got early Christmas presents! From our great-grandma. All of us girls got purses and $25 each!! Hope got some baby animal books, Lily got a math color board, Abi got something ( I can not remember), Faith got a bear movie, And I got a movie about a little girl named Emily. The next day, Saturday, we just hung out. Sunday we had church in our new building!!! YAY!! After church we went to Casa Ramos!! Sooo good! Monday we went and spent some of our money at Michael's. I got 3 skeins of yarn.On Tuesday my grandfather went shooting, and my grandmother went to horse back riding with us, then went home and rested. Wensday My grandmother spent time with my Uncle Paul. Thursday we did a thank you craft for my great-grandmother. And today is Friday, My Mother, Grandmother, and Faith, went to thrift stores. That has been my week.

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carlotta said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!