Sunday, August 2, 2009

A week!

Last week, Our stove caught on fire. What happened is that when we first moved in, we had a big mouse, and rat problem. They made a nest under our stove. We got rid of all the rats and mice. But the nest was still there. So last Sunday my Mom made a casserole, And we saw ( and felt in our lungs) a lot of smoke. I went to investigate, And their was a lot of smoke coming from the sides of the oven. We poured water down the side of the oven and turned it off. Then we all went outside to wait. After a while we pulled out the stove, And saw that the nest had caught on fire. We took the stove out with some difficulty, because some parts had melted together. We set the stove out side in the drive way, And it is still siting there. My Mother found a stove on line for $150. We have that stove sitting in the kitchen waiting to be set up. My Dad went to every hardware store in town but nobody has the piece we need. So we are still without a stove. But we are toughing it out.

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Ashley said...

You CAN do it. We went without a stove and oven for over a year! Trust me, a few weeks isn't that bad. :)