Friday, June 12, 2009


To day we went to the dentist. All is well, no cavities. I just might have the beginnings of one, but the dentist said that it might not be one. :) But I have all 28 grown up teeth. But I have 1/3 of a baby tooth stuck fast to one of my other teeth. I need to have it pulled. We would have pulled it today, but It was my 3 year old sister's first time going to the dentist and she was a little scared. So we decided to schedule a new appointment. Lily has a tooth sticking out the front of her mouth. Shell have to have it pulled to. She is NOT happy about it.


rainydaytoys said...

Sounds like you did not inherit your Dad's very spaced apart - too few teeth.

Miss Monica June said...

oh, this was yesterday. Well, I hope it all went well! email me bout it.

Rachel Danielle said...

The dentist terrifies me! *gulps* I never had a cavity- but I did have a tooth that the dentists said had to be pulled because it wasn't going to fall out. They lied. :)