Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today is my friend Monica's B-day! I'm throwing her a party!

The Birthday girl!

Her Birthday cake.

Her balloons.

And her tiara!

Of good character,
Always joyful!

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

a very nice party... happy birthday Monica! you can head over to my "place" for another party. :D

Miss Monica June said...

Oh thanks Moriah!! email me and tell me when your b-day is!

vickychick said...

I'm one day late...): Happy b-day! :D

Abbycadabby said...

HEY! It's vickychick, my cousin and I made a blog, so...YA! My cousin likes your blog! BTW it says abbycadabby, but, that's the name for both of us!!!!!

Emnia Elf said...

I Moriah! Thank you for following my blog! I'd just like to tell you that The Fairrae School is just really a draft. Though I will be working on a different book as soon as FS is done. (:

Thanks again, and Happy Late Birthaday Monica!!!!! (:

(wow, I have a sister named Monica, and it's so weird telling another Moi=nica Happy birthday!) (no offense, or anything like that!)

Moriah said...

Happy Birthday! Yes, you may have the award.

Moriah said...

Thank you Moriah.