Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty, Mothers, and Cookies.

On Saturday we went to my Grandmothers friend's baptism. It was at this biblical gardens place. It was very beautiful! We took a picnic lunch. After we ate people started showing up. Then we went across this bridge and hiked up to some benches where the pastor said a few words about baptism. Then we went on this little trail till we came to this little creek, where the people got baptized. After that we went back to the picnic grounds. Next we hiked up to the bathrooms. They were on a very steep hill. when we got back to the car we settled in for 2 hrs drive back home. ( pictures soon to come.) The next day was Mothers day. I would like to say that I dearly love my mother, and I'm forever grateful to her for raising me, and all my sister's. I would also like to thank both of my grandmothers for raising my parents with such love and care. We came home after church and cleaned our house for Bible study. After that I made oatmeal cranberry cookies. This morning I crumbled them up in a bowel and added milk. Voila cereal. That has been my weekend. :)


Laurie M. said...

I always call oatmeal cookies "milkless cereal patties".

Ashley said...

you are so sweet. :)

love ya!

rainydaytoys said...

Thank you for thinking of me. I loved raising your Dad, never a dull moment. He is a wonderful man and your Mom is great too. You are lucky to have such great parents and it's nice to see you appreciate them. We all love you too!!

MagnoliaMama said...


Grandma loves you!