Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hear is a cute poem.

We may live without poetry, music, and art;
We may live without conscience and live without heart;
We may live without friends, we may live without books,
But a civilized man cannot live without cooks.

Hear is a pic of Daisy, our new goat.


rainydaytoys said...

What? when did you get a goat? She is cute, who named her? Do you get to milk her?

Moriah said...

We got her and another goat Tucker on Monday. The people we got her from named her, and yes we can milk her. { But I don't want to.} :)

Ginger said...

Cool poem and goat Moriah!

Rachel said...

i fed your panda.


no, just kidding. I haven't smelt her yet.

Laurie M. said...

A very cute goat indeed!