Monday, December 15, 2008


Last week my mom, sisters and I went to the tree farm and took Christmas Pictures. (My Dad did not go, he had to work.) We got some good pic's. But there are no good ones of me. I am not good at getting my picture taken. But we had a lot of fun. Yesterday we had church, then Faith, Abi, Daddy, Grandma, and I went to our Choir performance. That is always fun. Then we came home and started cleaning the house for our Sunday night Bible study. Right now we are going thru Advent. Different men in our church are preaching. Last night my Dad taught. And Sunday night dinner was Tortilla Soup. And for dessert, Ashley made pumpkin bars, and I made peanut butter cookies. Everything was sooooo good. And that is all that has been happining this week.


Ashley said...

Cute picture!

Mmm, that soup was SO good!

Bethany said...

I like the picture. I also love going to chior practice. Sometimes our chior director will discuse the bible instead of teach chior. (we have a adult chior)